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Trump Offers Strong Praise for China and Xi Jinping, While Pompeo Continue To Rant About the China “Threat”

March 28 (EIRNS)—During his daily COVID-19 press conference Friday, President Trump spoke about his close friendship and cooperation with China: “So, I had a great conversation with the President of China last night,” he said, “pretty late in the night. It was fascinating to me. You know, they have a whole—it’s a different kind of a world. It’s a different form of government, to put it mildly. We talked for a long time. We talked for at least an hour.... We talked about the whole concept: how it happened, when it happened, what was the most effective use. Was distance the best thing? We talked about everything.

“They’re ahead of us, from the standpoint of time. It happened there actually long before it happened here.... But we talked about it because he’s had additional experience of having been much earlier. And he’s developed some incredible theories, and all of that information is coming over here. A lot of its already come. The data. And were going to learn a lot from what the Chinese went through.

“Our relationship with China is very good. We also talked about the trade agreement. But, I must tell you, this whole invisible enemy has taken over the world. Nobody cares about trade, nobody cares about anything. You want to talk about trade? They immediately get back to this....

“And you know what? It probably should be mostly about this. It’s hard to talk about “Hey, how you doing with buying from the farmers?” They have started very, very large buying, as you probably have read, but what we really focused on was this.

“I also said: How have you done with cures, and how have you done with respect to vaccines? We discussed that. And, you know, they’re doing like we’re doing. They’re working on it very hard. They think they have some interesting things [which] have been determined, and we’ll see what happens. But we talked a lot about vaccine. We talked a lot about possible cures. How good would that be? I mean, that’s a game changer.”

Asked if President Xi had asked for a suspension of the tariffs, Trump said, “He never asked me to suspend tariffs.”

Contrast this to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this month: “The Chinese Communist Party poses a substantial threat to our health and our way of life..., our free and open order.” Pompeo called on  everyone to “protect the UN and other countries from their malign influence and authoritarianism.”

One can only ask: How long before the President dumps this raving idiot?

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