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Cuomo, the Anti-Trump, Shut a Lot of New York’s Hospitals, Cut Medicaid

April 5, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Nation’s March 30 article, “Cuomo Helped Get New York Into This Mess,” shows that the resistance’s current anti-Trump, Andrew Cuomo of New York, has been an anti-hospital, austerity governor for nearly a decade. While he writes on the Internet board at his press conferences, “140,000 beds needed” and “We have 53,000 beds,” 20 years ago New York State had 75,000 hospital beds and Cuomo energetically approved eliminating more than 20,000 of them.

The elimination of hospitals across the state was organized under Sir Michael Bloomberg’s collaborator Steven Berger when George Pataki was governor and Mini-Mike was New York City mayor. Cuomo has enthusiastically continued it. He has also been a crusading governor to cut Medicaid in the state, and continues cutting it in the budget being passed in Albany right now, even refusing substantial newly offered Federal aid to do so.

What else did anybody expect? Andrew is only perhaps a slightly more aggressive version of “every-official” infected by the Malthusian virus of “healthcare efficiency” since Nixon’s pivot to HMOs.

The April 10 issue of EIR will feature Barbara Boyd’s latest exposé of the corruption around Sir Michael: “How Mike Bloomberg Thinks. The Takedown of New York’s Virus Defenses. Third of a Series.” It presents a far more detailed picture of who—including Cuomo as just one factor—wrecked healthcare in New York.

Everyone now mobilizing along with LaRouchePAC’s Committees of Correspondence and deploying the daily EIR Alert Service knows this reality. All Democratic “resistance” heroes—and all national Republican leaders and neo-con pundits—are creatures of the British Empire “austerity, efficiency, globalization” paradigm which has dominated and wrecked the world since it ended the Bretton Woods system. Only Lyndon LaRouche for 50 years exposed it, opposed it, showed how to depose it with a paradigm of human life and scientific progress restored.

Right now in America there is only President Trump’s current diplomacy and attempted mobilization of the physical economy, and LaRouchePAC’s programmatic mobilization and upcoming conference which can both unburden and transform Trump’s effort.

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