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Trump: ‘My Biggest Decision: Hope To God It’s the Right One’

April 11, 2020 (EIRNS)—At his Good Friday press briefing, President Trump announced that he is putting together a second task force. “This is really, I call it the ‘opening our country task force’ or ‘opening our country council,’ so we don’t get it confused with Mike’s [Vice President Pence’s] task force, which has done so great. And we’re going to have the great business leaders, great doctors, were going to have a great group of people.”

He said he will announce the team on Tuesday, but he indicated that he has already called on a few people, who have all accepted. “I think we’re gonna put some governors,” he said, adding that “I’ve gained great respect for governors, both Republican and Democrat. I’ve actually become friends with some of the Democrat governors that I wouldn’t have really had the privilege of getting to know.” He mentioned Democratic Governors Phil Murphy of New Jersey, John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, Gavin Newsom of California, Andrew Cuomo of New York, and (Republican) Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, as possible members.

Trump said they will meet by teleconference.

He closed his briefing with these words: “I’ve made a lot of big decisions over my life. You understand that. This is by far the biggest decision of my life, because I have to say ‘Okay, let’s go. This is what we’re going to do.’ It’s been my great honor to have been the President, and I have a big decision coming, up and I only hope to God that it’s the right decision. It will be based on the input from a lot of very talented—talented people, very smart people, and people that love our country. Thank you all very much. Thank you.”

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