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Henry Jackson Society Calls for Indo-Pacific NATO To Prepare for War against China

April 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—The British intelligence-directed Henry Jackson Society in London, which has been issuing lies and slanders against China and Russia for years, issued a report on April 8 titled “The Indo-Pacific: An Enlarged Perspective.” It begins: “The U.K. should throw its full-weight behind the establishment of an Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization, a new body for the defense of democratic norms.” It argues that the “U.K. requires an integrated strategy to preserve the region from authoritarian revisionism,” as “China’s military and economic might has grown, posing a challenge to democratic powers.”

The report calls on the old European colonial powers, especially the U.K. and France, “who have particular strategic links to the region, should engage far more strongly in order to ensure the region’s security in the absence of U.S. action.”

The report calls their new concoction the “Indo-Pacific equivalent to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” the anti-Soviet institution which should have been dissolved when the U.S.S.R. collapsed. The report warns that “if China’s influence continues to grow, even at a slower pace, such an alliance is likely to grow more and more attractive,” as “robust deterrence is vital for continued security and prosperity in the region as a revisionist power like China rises.”

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