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Anti-China Hands Denounce ‘Kissinger’s Folly’

April 21, 2020 (EIRNS)—Two anti-China stalwarts published an article in The Hill on April 20 titled: “Kissinger’s Folly: The Threat to World Order Is China.” Bradley Thayer of the University of Texas, an academic with several anti-China works to his name, and Han Lianchao, a co-founder and the first vice president of the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, the post 1989 Tiananmen Square “democracy” organization of overseas Chinese, blame Kissinger for helping China’s reform and opening up.

Their rant is becoming familiar in the current British Empire drive to get the U.S. and China into a war, to sabotage the urgent need for the U.S. and China to cooperate in combatting the pandemic, especially in Africa. Examples:

“But the specter that is haunting the world order is not the virus that originated in Wuhan. It is the rise of dictatorial China. And it was Kissinger, the former U.S. Secretary of State and national security adviser, who contributed mightily to this threat as one of the major creators and advocates of the decades-long U.S. strategy towards China emphasizing cooperation, bringing China in to the international order, and fostering its growth so that it could become a responsible stakeholder....

“Long before COVID-19, China labored to replace the world order while working inside to achieve it. Despite claims to the contrary, China is not a status quo great power. It is a revolutionary great power that seeks fundamental and permanent changes to the contemporary order in international politics. If it achieves its objectives, it will be the death of the existing liberal order. That indeed will be a new epoch in global politics....

“The willful ignorance of the China threat was the greatest U.S. strategic blunder certainly since the Cold War, and likely the most significant in U.S. history.... China would use economic institutions such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Belt and Road Initiative, its influence in the developing world, and its growing military influence in key regions to establish a new model of global governance that would be defined by firm hierarchical relationships between states, with China on top of that hierarchy.

“The rebirth of concentration camps for China’s Muslim minority compels the recognition that few people—China experts, business people, foreign policy experts, strategists or politicians—have recognized the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] for what it is: a dangerous, supremacist superpower. It is intent upon replacing the United States as the world’s dominant state. If China succeeds in doing so, the values and political principles of today’s international order will be lost.”

Of course, “the death of the existing liberal order” is something increasing majorities of European and American citizens strongly desire, as seen in the Brexit, Trump’s election, and the growing rage in southern Europe against the EU.

These two British assets co-authored another article in March blaming WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Xi Jinping for the pandemic, saying they “should be held accountable for recklessly managing this deadly pandemic.”

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