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President’s Advisor Peter Navarro Accuses China of ‘Four Kills’ against the U.S. in the Pandemic

April 22, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump’s advisor Peter Navarro detailed a claim of how China has perpetrated “four kills” against the United States through the COVID-19 pandemic, in a short appearance on Fox News “Hannity” show on April 21. Navarro is also Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and National Coordinator for the National Defense Production Act policy.

Navarro alleged that 1) the novel coronavirus was “spawned” in China in a laboratory; 2) China hid the virus for six weeks, including behind the World Health Organization; 3) China “vacuumed up” all the protective gear against the virus, including “2 billion masks.” China profiteered off the equipment, charging as much as $5, for a mask that costs $0.50 to make. 4) China “sent us counterfeit” tests.

After receiving praise from host Sean Hannity, who stressed, “we have to hold China accountable,” Navarro closed out saying that, “I’m focussed on the supply chains.” He said, “We’ll have to bring those supply chains home, right here to America.”

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