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British Outlets Pour Out ‘Take Down China!’ Propaganda

April 23, 2020 (EIRNS)—Every leading British outlet is feeding the proposition that the West is at war with China.

The April 16th cover of the City of London’s “prestigious” Economist weekly blared, “Is China Winning? The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19,” above a coronavirus-sun rising over a Chinese city depicted against a red background.

London’s more scandalous British intelligence leaksheet, the Daily Mail, concluded its April 18-20, three-part series “uncovering China’s role in fueling the coronavirus pandemic,” with an article likewise playing up “fears that China is in prime position to exploit the West’s economic implosion in the wake of COVID-19.” The first article in that series hyped the “created in a Wuhan lab” charge. The last in the series cited The Economist’s “Is China Winning?” call-to-arms and the Henry Jackson Society’s ravings, but proclaimed that China’s beginning recovery has provoked “a backlash against the Chinese leadership for triggering [the West’s] savage downturn.”

British intelligence’s Washington, D.C. outpost, the Atlantic Council, is following in lockstep.

“As facts emerge about China’s efforts to contain the virus and take advantage of the international disorder the pandemic has caused, Beijing’s narrative of triumph is increasingly turning into a narrative of blunder and blunt self-interest,” wrote Council analyst Joe Bodnar wrote in its New Atlanticist newsletter issue for April 3. “While it is too early to understand the impact of the coronavirus on geopolitics, it is not too early to recognize China as a rising power that is aggressive, opportunistic, and susceptible to mistakes,” Bodnar insisted. Cover headline the issue, which is Bodnar’s piece: the wishful “China’s Failing Coronavirus Strategy.”

By last week this crew began displaying signs of clinical delusion. In its wild April 17 issue, “China’s COVID-19 Statistics Resemble Horrific Past,” Atlantic Council analyst Evanna Hu compared China’s successful suppression of the first wave of the coronavirus in less than three months, with way under 10,000 deaths, to the death by starvation of 15 million Chinese between 1959-1961 under Mao’s failed “Great Leap Forward”!

What basis could be given for this preposterous lie? Simply, that China’s figures come from “statistical methodologies that also cater to its global ambitions.”

The global ambitions are instead on the British Empire side. “The world is scrutinizing China not only through the humanitarian lens of the best practices to stop the virus from spreading, but also from the approach of great power competition,” she wrote.

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