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CFR’s Foreign Affairs: How To Commit Mass Genocide and Destroy Sovereignty

April 25, 2020 (EIRNS)—The theme of the May/June edition of the New York Council on Foreign Relations journal Foreign Affairs, in the midst of an existential threat to mankind from the coronavirus and the global financial breakdown, is devoted entirely to the intentional implementation of genocide, which includes the necessary destruction of any remaining aspects of national sovereignty in the world today.

The cover title is “The Fire Next Time: How to Prevent a Climate Catastrophe.” Included are detailed descriptions of the policies, already being put in place by the British Empire and its oligarchical assets in Europe and the U.S., to achieve this goal, declaring it to be the only way to save the planet, but meaning, in fact, the only way to save the (bankrupt) City of London/Wall Street financial system.

The core articles of this preeminent institution of the British Empire in the U.S., present the primary problems which have caused the failure of the COP (Conference of the Parties) Climate Change summits (COP26 is scheduled for Glasgow this year). First, China and India, whose need for development and the elimination of poverty have prevented them from abandoning coal and carbon emissions; second, Trump and others, who reject the entire premise of man-made climate diaster; and third, the Belt and Road Initiative, in which China has the gall to take coal-generated energy production to Africa to pull them out of poverty the same way China did itself: through vast infrastructure development.

Foreign Affairs’ solution: Where governments have “failed,” the private sector must use force, to punish those nations which refuse to submit to depopulation and economic decay under the guise of a climate emergency.

The lead article is by William Nordhaus, who won the 2018 Nobel prize for Economics for his plan to use carbon pricing to force businesses and nations to accept the de-industrialization dictates of the fascist “anthropogenic climate change” fraud. (Lyndon LaRouche once noted that those with a Nobel Prize in Economics are the only people who can rightly claim to “certified” idiots.)

Nordhaus whines that all the global agreements at the COP events “have negotiated agreements that are voluntary, and promote free-riding—and are thus sure to fail.” The problem, he writes, is that many nations “are pursuing their national interests, rather than cooperating on plans that are globally beneficial” (meaning: beneficial to the globalists in the City of London and Wall Street). Sovereignty must be abolished, he screams. We must create a “Climate Club,” which “includes penalties for nations that do not participate.”

Set a carbon price, and carbon taxes on companies that don’t meet the standard, says this guru of quackenomics, with the carbon price increasing every year. Then impose “penalty tariffs on non-participants.”

Neo-cons George Shultz and James Baker also chime in, with their long-standing demand that the U.S. seize “climate leadership,” by adopting a policy to “encourage U.S. trading partners to raise their standards or penalize them for their polluting ways.” The targets: “China, Russia, and India,” which now “operate under lax environmental standards and produce goods in a more carbon-intensive manner,” and who “currently pay no penalty.” Russia, they say, “has flooded the world with cheap oil and gas ... and unveiled a new generation of nuclear plants and fuel agreements with developing countries..., creating closer geopolitical relationships.” China is “promoting carbon-intensive industrialization in other emerging economies, often powered by new coal plants built through its Belt and Road Initiative.” This must be prevented, say these genocidalists.

Shultz and Baker praised their own creation of a “Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan” in 2017, endorsed by companies, bankers, economists, and “27 Nobel laureates” (27 certified idiots). The plan calls for a carbon fee on companies and countries, and turning the money over to the population to make up for the increased energy costs from the inefficient and wasteful wind and solar power. Not mentioned is the vast decrease in population internationally as the necessary energy required for industrialization is eliminated.

They insist that the United States force this policy on the world: “Internationally, only a U.S.-led climate alliance can muster enough economic leverage to compel China, India, and other major economies to join, face carbon tariffs, or ultimately risk being shut out of the world’s largest market. The United States must lead the way.”

And of course, Trump must go, they assert, and the next President, of whichever party, must adopt the “Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividend Plan.” They claim that Republicans Kevin McCarthy (House minority leader) and Mitch McConnell (Senate majority leader) are on board with legislation to address “climate change.”

While John Podesta and Todd Stern contribute their normal tripe, more deadly is Rebeca Henderson, who praises the work of Larry Fink of Blackrock and former Bank of England chief Mark Carney, who she describes as “universal owners,” since “more than a third of global invested capital—about $19 trillion—is controlled by the world’s 100 largest asset owners.” They have the power to cut off credit to companies that refuse to de-carbonize, she writes, to “sanction firms that lag behind.” This will force governments to bend to the power of the elite financiers: “private-sector pressure may serve as the force that finally breaks the political log-jam that has long blocked the public actions needed to solve the climate crisis.”

There, in their own words, is a portrait of the British Empire, asserting the City of London’s power over the world, and intent on mass murder on a scale that would make Cecil Rhodes blush.

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