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Republican Senatorial Committee Lays Out Clear Path for Trump To Lose the 2020 Election

April 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—The dunderheads in the National Republican Senatorial Committee have issued a clear path for Donald Trump’s electoral defeat in 2020. Their recommended election strategy to their colleagues is simple: Attack China! The 57-page memo issued by the committee instructs Republican candidates not to defend President Trump, except for his travel ban from China, but to attack China’s “cover-up” of the coronavirus, allegedly leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans. More specifically, in order not to be accused of racism, they urge, the target should be the Chinese Communist Party, and not the Chinese people or Chinese-Americans. They wish to pull out the race card, but not be accused of being racist.

Now, such a harebrained strategy will no doubt appeal to the gaggle of Republican “yahoos” who sit on Capitol Hill. But it ain’t gonna fly with the American people. While some of the Republican Senate Caucus have won their seats on the basis of people’s racial preferences, Trump did not. And in coming up with this cock-and-bull strategy, they are no doubt more eager to save their necks than the President’s.

While some of the right-wing yahoos may have come aboard the Trump bandwagon, hoping to steer him in “the right direction,” his ability to win voters in 2016 was rather his insistence on a change of the status quo, namely to rebuild the American economy, get out of all these godforsaken wars in the Middle East and other venues, and work out agreements with former adversaries, Russia and China. And while he has been hammered every step of the way, from “Russiagate” to the call for his impeachment by the Democrats, he has tried to do what he said he would do. If this thrust is lost by this insane focus on China-bashing, he will no doubt lose those voters who represented his margin of victory, not to speak of, that bond of trust he has presently with the Chinese—and the Russian—President.

A close friend of EIR’s in South Korea reported that his friends in the U.S. have bitterly complained that they are being treated with suspicion and sometimes hostility, not distinguishing between Korean and Chinese, as the anti-China hysteria is fomenting racism in many Americans—the “yellow peril” of the Chinese exclusion laws, the racist policy which remained the law of the land from 1882 until 1943.

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