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Tucker Carlson in a Frenzy, Our Constitution Is Being Destroyed with ‘Chinese-Style Authoritarianism’

May 4, 2020 (EIRNS)—After ranting that China, in Wuhan, had the “secret police kidnapping citizens off the street, authorities locking people in their apartments from the outside until they starve to death—just look at the results,” FOX News host Tucker Carlson on May 1 then attacked President Donald Trump (but naming only governors) for destroying the Constitution.

Denouncing the President’s policy of preventing public events, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, Carlson hysterically melted down:

“Where exactly do they get that right? That’s a good question—a question we are strongly discouraged from asking.

“Never in American history have politicians been more powerful than they are now. Effectively, they are God. In the state of Maine, Gov. Janet Mills now has the power to suspend any law she doesn’t like. She can seize any state resource she feels like seizing.... There is virtually nothing Janet Mills can’t do. Many governors now have these powers.”

Tucker proceeded to attack the administration and the Constitutional promotion of the common defense and the general welfare: “For 250 years, Americans have enjoyed the unfettered right to practice their faith as they choose. Now they don’t. It happened overnight. Last month, Christians across the country were legally prohibited from celebrating Easter in their own churches.... Politicians have no right to do any of this. They can’t make it illegal for people to go to religious services. The Constitution of the United States expressly prohibits that. The words couldn’t be clearer. The First Amendment explicitly prevents government from making any law that inhibits the exercise of religious faith. It’s a cornerstone of our history and our law.

“Where did politicians get the authority to do all this? Because some elderly, power-drunk doctor told them to? That’s not how our system works, or can work.... Our rights are gone. No one has explained how politicians are allowed to do this, to override the Constitution. No one seems to care. They’re too afraid.

“As it stands, politicians won’t let people worship, or work, or go to school, or see their aging parents. They’ve placed the nation under house arrest. That’s happening today, right now. But let’s say we all get more afraid. What then? What couldn’t they start doing? Could they intern people? Seriously.”

The real question is, what will the British Empire and their assets in the U.S., including Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News, not do to promote mass death, and to bring down the President—and the Constitution—in the process?

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