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Michael Moore Film Peddles Profound, Malthusian Evil

May 4, 2020 (EIRNS)—Consumer warning: No one need watch this rotten film, nor recommend it to anyone. Moore’s so-called documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” released on April 21, the eve of Earth Day, is described in press as an anti-environmentalist film. It seems to start in the right direction, showing the fraud of the current green movement, but that’s the bait in the trap. The film, written and directed by Jeff Gibbs, attacks windmills and solar because they could not have been built without relying on our current energy sources—which is true—but his argument is not that it is an inefficient or negative abuse of our industrial potential, but that industry itself is bad.

It gets uglier as it goes along, and all soaked in the very axiom underlying environmentalism that there is a limit to growth, and we’d better get used to it.

Then comes the Satanic, religious-toned remedy in the final ten minutes, at 1:29:19: “There is a way out of this. We humans must accept that infinite growth on a finite planet is suicide; we must accept that our human presence is already far beyond sustainability, and all that that implies; we must take control of our environmental movement, and our future, from billionaires and their permanent war on planet Earth, they are not our friends; less must be the new more, and instead of climate change, we must at long last accept that it’s not the CO2 molecule destroying the planet—it’s us. It’s not one thing, but everything we humans are doing, a human-caused apocalypse.”

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