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Chinese Media Target Wall Street and Pompeo for ‘Blame-Game’ Attacks

May 7, 2020 (EIRNS)—On May 5, China Daily published an editorial headlined “Pompeo’s Clown Show Spotlights U.S. Administration’s Mistakes,” which lunged right at Wall Street:

“The seemingly unstoppable rise in the number of infections and deaths in the U.S. is simply exposing the folly of the administration’s initial don’t-panic-Wall-Street approach and the desperation of its subsequent blame-anyone-else practices. It is the U.S. people that are paying for these actions, and the more the administration looks to blame others, the heavier the cost will be, because it is only when all countries work together that the pandemic can be fully tamed.”

Another China Daily editorial on May 7—“It’s Time U.S. Focused on the Struggle against a Real Enemy—the Virus”—also slammed the blame game, but urged a return to cooperative policies between the U.S. and China.

“The rapport that seemed to have developed between the two countries during their trade talks is now just a distant memory. Despite the positive outcome of those discussions and the constructive interaction that the negotiations incubated, it is Washington’s dirty politics of always blaming China that has discouraged the world’s two largest economies from standing shoulder to shoulder to fight the contagion, even though it is a common enemy. Yet it does not have to be this way. It is the U.S. that has chosen to lock horns with China at this critical time, and there is no reason why the two sides cannot cooperate and collaborate should Washington make the decision to step back from its confrontational stance they could make the pandemic an opportunity to consolidate the mutually beneficial partnership between the two countries rather than letting it become the means to hammer a nail in the coffin of bilateral relations.”

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