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RussiaŹ¼s Virtual Immortal Regiment Celebration Draws Millions on Victory Day

May 10, 2020 (EIRNS)--While the real Immortal March did not take place on May 9, when Russia celebrates the victory over Nazism, because of the pandemic, there was a virtual march in which President Vladimir Putin also participated. "Regardless of whether we march in one formation or stay at home as today--our heroes always remain with us in our heart. And this will always be and they will stay with us forever," Putin said. He pledged that "we will still march across Red Square, paying tribute to our heroes." In the Immortal Regiment parades, it is common for family members to carry photos of their loved ones who fought and died in the war against fascism, marking their immortality.

The organizers of the Immortal March regiment reported that nearly 3 million people registered to participate in the virtual event. "As of 15:00 Moscow time on May 9, when we stopped to receive applications, we had 2,837,681 applications. Slightly less than 3 million," said spokeswoman Olga Baibulova.

There was also a videoconference of the Immortal Regiment in the United States in which Russian Federation Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov participated. Antonov said no force majeure circumstances were able "to break the regiment's tight ranks," to upset celebrations on the occasion of the Great Victory's 75th anniversary and to prevent participants from remembering their ancestors' heroism, reported TASS today. "That victory was won at the cost of colossal sacrifices. The best of the best died a heroic death," Antonov said and asked everybody to observe a moment of silence.

The Russian diplomat praised the role of the Allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, who supported the Soviet Union by providing medical supplies, food and weapons. "Also, we remember the historic link-up of the Soviet and U.S. troops on the Elbe, which set an example of how peoples can unite for the sake of peace and stability," Antonov said. "That brotherhood in arms is something we miss so much in today's struggle with the new challenges and threats," referring to the meeting of U.S. and Soviet troops at Torgau, Germany on the Elbe River on April 25, 1945. The true Allies swore an Oath of the Elbe of brotherhood on that joyful occasion.

Putin also addressed the May 9 graduation day for some 12,000 officers from the higher military schools in Russia.

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