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Roger Stone Rips Railroad against Him, Coup Crowd Needed Him To Lie To Save Mueller Report

May 17, 2020 (EIRNS)—His gag order lifted, Roger Stone gave a dynamite, fighting interview to the Daily Caller on May 15, taking on the “tsunami of disinformation” about his case. Stone, sentenced to a 40-month jail sentence in a prison COVID-19 hotspot, said Americans need to know how his prosecution was a “railroad job, a Soviet-style kangaroo court” from Day One.

Stone’s account is a familiar story to anyone knowledgeable about the 1988-1989 trial and jailing American statesman Lyndon LaRouche: a “tsunami” of lies to taint the jury, political prosecutors, judges ruling out discussion of crucial evidence, biased foremen of the jury; etc.

Much is still under seal in his case, but Stone threw some zingers in the interview, which is worth watching in full. For example: that the gag order was issued because he sought to take apart the very premise of the case against him by proving that no one hacked the DNC servers. That some 800 exhibits that he had attempted to file were never introduced, including with the connivance of his own attorneys.

Another example: The prosecution goes to break you financially, and gags you so you cannot defend yourself for a specific purpose, to get you to lie for him, he said. A prosecutor proposed to his lawyers on July 24, 2019, that if their client, Roger Stone, would “confess” to making calls to Trump in 2016 about WikiLeaks and Russia, there would be no jail time. That offer was made, Stone pointed out, days before the Mueller Report was to be released, and it lacked any evidence of the Russian charge. “They wanted me to be the ham in their ham sandwich,” Stone charged. “And I declined because it’s not true.”

One more zinger, among many others to report here, concerns Steve Bannon, who swept into the courtroom “dressed like a fat Johnny Cash,” as Stone described him, to testify, under oath, that he had spoken extensively to Stone about Julian Assange in 2016, and he considered Stone to be Trump’s access point to WikiLeaks. Not only was this not true, but in his now-released testimony to the House Intelligence Committees, Bannon swore, also under oath, that he had never discussed Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. One way or the other, Bannon has been caught lying under oath.

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