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Is Mike Pompeo ‘Anonymous’? The Case for Why He Might As Well Be

May 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—Although moments in the coup against President Donald Trump often fade, one into the next, few can forget the outrageous “Anonymous” post in the New York Times on Sept. 5, 2018. “Anonymous” claimed to be a prominent official in the Trump Administration, working with the Resistance to save the country from the President. While the shoe might not fit perfectly, Max Blumenthal, in an explosive article at the Grayzone on May 14, lays bare why Pompeo may as well be that traitor. Blumenthal details the spying operation conducted at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London against Julian Assange. Assange had been granted asylum there by President Rafael Correa of Ecuador.

Blumenthal lays the entire ugly spying operation on Pompeo’s doorstep. By Blumenthal’s completely documented account, Mike Pompeo’s CIA recruited the security firm hired for the Embassy, UC Global, using Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Hotel private security force as a cutout to spy on everything Assange did and everyone who visited him.

Blumenthal does not address the British side of the story, although such an operation could not be run without having explicit British permission and involvement.

The exposé sheds big light on why Pompeo covered up what former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney had told him on Oct. 24, 2017. President Donald Trump had asked Pompeo to meet with Binney, who had demonstrated, with actual forensics, that the purloined Democratic National Committee documents which WikiLeaks published were not the result of a Russian hack over the internet but were, instead, consistent with an internal leak. The “Russians hacked the DNC” hoax is the foundation for the entire Russiagate operation run against the Trump Presidency.

Mike Pompeo, unbeknownst to Donald Trump, was, at the time of the Binney meeting, fully engaged in perpetuating the Russia election interference hoax as head of the CIA, an operation which includes the elimination of one of the few people capable of actually saying what happened, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. Blumenthal’s account makes clear that plans floated in this escapade included poisoning or kidnapping Assange. Right now, Assange is sitting in London’s notorious Belmarsh prison, under U.S. indictment for espionage. In the lovely language of our intelligence community regarding Lyndon LaRouche, Assange is to be eliminated, under legal guidelines or otherwise.

In his first public speech as CIA director, on April 13, 2017, Blumenthal writes, Pompeo went on a rant against Assange and WikiLeaks, calling them a non-state “hostile intelligence operation” aided and abetted by the Russians. WikiLeaks, the famously bellicose CIA director proclaimed, needed to be wiped out. Next, Blumenthal references that Pompeo’s declaration of war immediately followed WikiLeaks’ exposure, in March 2017, of the CIA’s Vault 7 cyberweapons tools, including the Marble Framework tools making false-flag cyberwar possible. Many analysts, including Bill Binney, believe that the CIA and its Vault 7 tools may be responsible for the evidentiary trail claimed in the DNC’s computers and with the fake internet persona Guccifer 2.0. That so-called evidence has been used to claim that the Russians attacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails, and weaponized the information against Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Blumenthal’s exposé goes on to document that Sheldon Adelson’s personal security guard, Zohar Lahav, recruited UC Global and its owner David Morales to spy on Assange, under a contract UC Global had with the Ecuadorean government to provide security at the London embassy. Blumenthal’s story is based on court documents from Spanish High Court proceedings where Morales was indicted for his actions against Assange in October 2019.

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