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Tehran Warns U.S. Not To Take Action against Iranian Tankers Heading to Venezuela

May 19, 2020 (EIRNS)—Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiyee warned again yesterday against any U.S. actions aimed at disrupting the Iranian tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela. “Iran has sent the gasoline tankers at the demand of Venezuelan government. No state is duty-bound to implement the U.S.-desired sanctions,” Rabiyee told reporters in Tehran on May 18, reported Fars News. He called on the international community to show reaction to the U.S. illegal warnings about its imminent action against the Iranian oil tankers in the international waters, and said, “The U.S. has a record of piracy.” A Trump Administration official told Reuters on May 14 that the U.S. was “considering measures” against the Iranian tankers, but declined to say what those measures might be. At least four U.S. Navy ships are reported to be in the Caribbean Sea, ostensibly for anti-drug operations.

Rabiyee said it was too soon to speak about what actions Iran may take, should the U.S. interfere with the tankers, but according to Fars, Nour News—said to be close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council—reported that in addition to the Iranian political officials’ warning against the U.S. piracy, American cargo ships practically anywhere in the world could become targets of Iranian retaliation.

Al Masdar News agency, citing Fars, reported yesterday that four tankers have now passed through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Atlantic, while a fifth tanker is expected to pass through the strait in the coming days.

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