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CGTN on ‘Mike Pompeo, the Dark Side of the Trump Administration’

May 30, 2020 (EIRNS)—A seven-minute video produced by China’s CGTN network, titled “Mike Pompeo, the Dark Side of the Trump Administration,” distinguishes between Trump and Pompeo—though it must be pointed out that it was produced before Trump’s Friday diatribe against China. The video says that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has done nothing to deal with the coronavirus, but that he has taken advantage of the crisis to push his “geopolitical intentions,” by launching the campaign against China, as well as pushing regime change in Iran.

The video runs clips from both Western scientists and a Chinese scientist from the Wuhan Virology Lab, refuting Pompeo’s lie that the evidence points to the virus coming from the lab. (Pompeo has dropped that particular lie, while maintaining many others.)

It concludes by denouncing the “irrationality he has encouraged in the White House,” and warns that “all will lose if the world fails to unite to bring this virus under control.”

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