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Thirty Cities See ‘Sophisticated’ Riots, Looting, and Arson

May 30, 2020 (EIRNS)—At least thirty cities across the country saw rioting, looting, and arson Friday night, some extremely violent. Two Federal Protection Service Officers guarding Federal buildings in Oakland, California were shot; one of them died. Four police were injured in Houston, and eight police cars destroyed. A police office in Portland was attacked and set on fire, but it was put out. An unknown person fired from a car into demonstrators in Detroit, killing one. CNN’s national headquarters was attacked by a mob, breaking windows with bricks; three police were injured from BB gunfire.

“Antifa” terrorists were active in at least some of the riots, well prepared with gas masks and weapons, making themselves available for TV coverage, as was Black Lives Matter. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said there was evidence of white supremacist and drug cartel involvement, adding that the “riots across the country appear to be part of a coordinated effort by professionals. We’re seeing evidence of some pretty sophisticated attempts to cause problems.” He said he is in contact with President Trump regarding the situation.

Minneapolis Director of Public Safety John Harrington told the press: “As we have made arrests, we have done contract-tracing similar to our COVID response.... Who are they associated with? What platforms are they advocating for?... and we have seen things like white supremacy ... part of an organized criminal organization, and we are looking at whether this is an organized cell of terror.”

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