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Beijing Assures Hong Kong Executive Carrie Lam, ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Remains Intact

June 3, 2020 (EIRNS)—Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Chief Executive Carrie Lam concluded talks with Han Zheng, the Chinese Vice Premier, who assured her that the new security law will not affect the functioning of the “One Country, Two Systems” governing Hong Kong.

It was a confident Carrie Lam who met the press after her meeting in Beijing. “The central government hopes the legislation will comprehensively and accurately establish and improve the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR from the state level,” she said, while affirming that people of all sectors of society will be consulted over the process. “I, together with the HKSAR government fully support the [National People’s Congress] NPC’s draft decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR to safeguard national security,” Lam stated.

She assured reporters that the legislation only targets a small group of people who carry out terrorist activities, as well as activities interfering with Hong Kong affairs by external forces. “The vast majority of Hong Kong residents who are law-abiding have no reason to worry,” Lam told Xinhua in an interview. Hong Kong bears the constitutional responsibility to safeguard national security, just as other parts of China, there is no exception, she told the media.

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