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AP Joins British Empire Line To Blame China for Coronavirus, Not the WHO

June 3, 2020 (EIRNS)—Associated Press on yesterday released a report claiming that China stiffed the World Health Organization, lied to them and the world, held back the genome for the coronavirus for ten days, causing thousands of deaths worldwide. Trump is wrong to blame the WHO as being “owned” by China, they write—leaked recordings of WHO internal meetings during January show that the Chinese were holding back the genetic map and samples of the virus from the WHO, which was praising China publicly in order to get more cooperation, while denouncing them internally for refusing to cooperate.

As in all intelligence operations, the transcripts or recordings cannot be released—even to the WHO!—so as not to expose their sources. Instead, they cherry-pick a few quotes, most of which don’t even hint at the accusation they are making against China, and then they say, “trust me.”

They claim that Chinese labs had found the genome as early as Jan. 2, just days after the first cases emerged. Whether true or not, they acknowledge that protocol requires three separate de-codings, and that the third such de-coding came in from a Shanghai lab on Jan. 11. And, in fact, China released the genome to WHO and internationally on Jan. 12.

The most damning evidence of AP’s collusion with the war party and British intelligence is the following: “WHO and its officials named in this story declined to answer questions asked by The Associated Press without audio or written transcripts of the recorded meetings, which the AP was unable to supply to protect its sources.” In fact, WHO denied the story.

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