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Policy Discussion Underway in China over Response to Escalating Attacks from the U.S.

June 4, 2020 (EIRNS)—There are numerous articles in the Chinese media on the escalating attacks on China over Hong Kong, COVID, and so on, including recent U.S. threats to “decouple” from China altogether. One thoughtful view was expressed by CASS Institute of Contemporary China Studies associate research professor Ren Jingjing, who wrote an op-ed in China Daily today which urged China to “respond to U.S.’ provocations as a responsible major country,” specifying it should continue with its own economic achievements: “In particular, it should strive to achieve its goals of eradicating abject poverty and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the end of this year. It also needs to expedite economic development, help strengthen the global industrial and supply chains, and thwart attempts to ‘decouple’ the Chinese economy from that of the U.S. and other countries.”

But China also “should maintain necessary strategic deterrence to protect its legitimate rights and interests in the face of a global crisis.”

Ren said the whole world was shocked at how “the U.S. delayed its response to combat the pandemic, which has exposed how weak its public health system is. No wonder it has come as a rude shock to many developed countries that China has managed to largely contain the virus at home.” The U.S. establishment has responded with a “strategy to contain the peaceful rise of not only China but also other emerging countries.”

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