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Pompeo Bellows against China’s ‘Bullying’ of the Poor United Kingdom

June 10, 2020 (EIRNS)—U.S. Secretary of State has put out yet another bellicose denunciation of the Chinese Communist Party yesterday, now insisting that it has threatened to punish the defenseless HSBC—officially the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, of the British Empire’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering infamy—and to also break its commitments to build nuclear plants in the U.K., unless London agrees to let Huawei build 5G networks in that country. And private company Huawei, you know, “is an extension of the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance state.”

Because HSBC, decided last week to maintain its operations in Hong Kong, and permitted one of its officers to sign a petition backing the proposed national security law for Hong Kong, Pompeo had to also lash out at HSBC for “kowtowing” to Beijing, while warning that its “fealty” to China has really gotten it nowhere, since Beijing continues to use the bank as leverage “against London.” This all goes to show, he bellows, that “economic overreliance on China” is a mistake. Naturally, he goes on, the U.S. “stands with our allies and partners against the Chinese Communist Party’s coercive and bullying tactics.”

At today’s Chinese Foreign Ministry press briefing, Information Department Director Hua Chunying dismissed Pompeo’s hot air thusly:

“For some people in the U.S., there are only two types of people: The people who take orders from the U.S. and join it in its attacks against China, and the people who don’t do so because they are coerced by China. Such a view is simply narrow-minded and hilarious. As is known to all, ‘All living things should grow in harmony without hurting one another; and all the ways should move forward without interfering with one another.’ Every nation, every party and every individual has the right to make decisions on their own based on the merits of the matter and act out of their fundamental interests.”

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