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Trump Tells Tulsa Rally, Re-Elect Me or You’ll Get Green Crazies and Mobs

June 21, 2020 (EIRNS)—To a super-charged crowd in Tulsa Saturday evening, President Donald Trump resumed his campaign speech mode in an hour-and-45-minute presentation, whose recurring theme was, if you don’t re-elect me, you will get environmentalist green crazies and anarchist mobs. Leave aside the media fixation on how big or small the Tulsa crowd was, the audience and speaker were highly energized, in his first live rally since March. It also appeared that the helter-skelter operations deployed against the Trump campaign included an organized wave of fake advance-booking, then last-minute cancellation of thousands of reservations. Very few masks were worn, and the crowd intermingled as usual, which raises the danger of COVID-19 spread in the coming days. Reports are that six Trump campaign workers have tested positive in recent days.

The thrust of Trump’s message was, “The silent majority is stronger than ever before”; and that people must re-elect him, or they will get the “radical left.” He singled out targets, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Try putting AOC in charge of your energy. That will make the pandemic look like child’s play.” He hit hard in the oil patch, for oil and fracking, and recounted his calls to leaders of oil nations to work on raising and stabilizing prices—Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico.

He said that his Presidency is “the future of safety and opportunity.” We are “the Abe Lincoln and law and order party. Look at what we’ve done.” He touched on many of the campaign points he was making three months ago, when the rallies stopped: 300 federal judges put in office; rebuilding the U.S.A., the stock market going up, and other things, including praising the assassinations of Al Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani. “We took ’em out.”

Unlike last winter’s rallies, he did engage in China-baiting, and bashing-light. There were no tempering remarks about “my friend Xi.” He said that “China wants me to lose. If Biden wins, China will own the U.S.” He used the same formulation about Iran, saying if Biden wins, Iran will own America. He said that the pandemic was caused by the “Chinese virus” that that country should have contained. “Biden is a puppet for China. China ripped us off for years.” Now we are “getting billions for farmers.”

Trump did several dramatic parodies, and delivered zingers all the way through. “Imagine if AOC ran U.S. energy policy! Windmills, sunshine...” He did extended takeoffs on the insane media, especially a skit—which he dramatized—of his trip to West Point to deliver the commencement speech for graduating cadets, about which the media diagnosed him as having Parkinson’s disease because of his care to not fall on a wet, slippery ramp, and his care in drinking a glass of water so as not to spot his silk tie.

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