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Christopher Steele Claims British Government ‘Covered Up’ Putin’s Control of Trump

June 24, 2020 (EIRNS)—MI6’s Russiagate hitman showed up in the Guardian on June 22, reporting testimony he presented to the Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee in 2018, according to Guardian scribbler Luke Harding’s forthcoming book, Shadow State: Murder, Mayhem and Russia’s Remaking of the West. Christopher Steele, it turns out, provided his dodgy dossier to the Committee in 2016, and later complained bitterly that “no inquiries were made or actions taken thereafter.”

“A blanket appeared to be thrown over” the information he provided Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, he whined, thus hiding the “truth” that Putin has a “likely hold” over Trump.

Even worse, the Guardian says, Boris Johnson has refused thus far to release the report written by the Committee, which is likely full of Steele’s fantasies, as well as other British intelligence lies. At first, Boris said he didn’t want to release it before the election in December, but that was six months ago and still no release. Some opposition MPs told the Guardian that it is because Trump has a “likely hold” over Johnson.

“In this case, political considerations seemed to outweigh national security interests,” Steele said. “If so, in my view, [Her Majesty’s Government] HMG made a serious mistake in balancing matters of strategic importance to our country.” He added that “a prospective trade deal should never be allowed to eclipse considerations of national security.”

Steele said the U.K. government was reluctant to act when it would present “difficult wider political implications,” using allegations of Russian interference in the U.K.’s 2016 Brexit referendum as an example. “Examples of this include reporting on the Kremlin’s likely hold over President Trump and his family/administration and indications of Russian interference in and clandestine funding of the Brexit referendum,” Steele said.

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