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U.K. General Says Iran Risks Being Isolated

June 26, 2020 (EIRNS)—Lt. Gen. Sir John Lorimer, the senior British commander in the Persian Gulf region, warned in an interview that Iran risks becoming internationally isolated if it doesn’t stop its “aggressive activities” in the region. Lorimer, without even batting an eyelash about the long history of British and American interventions in the region, told The National of the United Arab Emirates that Iran’s military activities have led to a “destabilization” of the Middle East, and that Iran faces further international isolation if it continues.

“We have long said that that behavior is unacceptable and must not be repeated,” he said. “From our perspective Iran faces a choice: If you continue in this way or increase or ratchet up this approach you will face growing isolation from the international community.”

If Iran continues on what the British call a warlike path, “it would end up isolated from the rest of the world,” Lorimer said, adding: “Or it can come in and find a solution to the problem: It can work with us and others to find a solution to de-escalate the problem. Is it easy? No. But it’s a really important issue for the region and more widely.” As U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo often does, Lorimer claimed that the “diplomatic door is open” for Iran to negotiate a peaceful solution.

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