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Massive Vote Fraud Exposed in Paterson, New Jersey Mail-in Election

June 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—Results of the May 12 municipal election in Paterson, New Jersey may well be thrown out altogether due to massive fraud in the all mail-in election. Real Clear Politics reports in a Friday article that one out of five ballots have been ruled invalid due to fraud. State Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal announced that he is charging four men with voter fraud—including the vice president of the City Council and a candidate for that body.

“In the City Council election, 16,747 vote-by-mail ballots were received, but only 13,557 votes were counted,” the article reports. “More than 3,190 votes, 19% of the total ballots cast, were disqualified by the board of elections.... Community organizations, such as the city’s NAACP chapter, are calling for the entire election to be invalidated.”

The article takes note of President Trump’s repeated warnings that the move to extensive use of mail-in voting opens the doors to massive vote fraud and stolen elections, but adds: “If Paterson is any guide, it ought to concern Democrats as well.”

The fraud was of two sorts:

“Over 800 ballots in Paterson were invalidated for appearing in mailboxes improperly bundled together—including one mailbox where hundreds of ballots were in a single packet. The bundles were turned over to law enforcement to investigate potential criminal activity related to the collection of the ballots. The board of elections disqualified another 2,300 ballots after concluding that the signatures on them did not match the signatures on voter records.”

NBC also interviewed a number of Paterson citizens whose votes had been counted, but who never voted and never even received a ballot. Large numbers of mail-in ballots were left on the lobby floors of apartment buildings and not delivered to residents’ individual mailboxes.

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