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Trump and López Obrador To Meet at the White House

July 7, 2020 (EIRNS)—If the meeting between the Presidents of Mexico and the United States is as unimportant and merely symbolic as the Wall Street/City of London “pundits,” media, and politicos on both sides of the border—the same crew which seeks to drive both of these leaders out of office—why are they so hysterical about it?

The hyenas are charging that Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s visit only serves Donald Trump’s reelection drive and will ruin relations with Joe Biden, who, they say, is definitely going to win the election. Bitter complaints are aired that both Presidents are “populists” who rule by their gut instincts, rather than through the discredited “institutions.” House Hispanic Caucus Chair Rep. Joaquin Castro and 12 other of its 38 members (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among them) even wrote to Trump that he should cancel López Obrador’s visit because it was “politicizing” U.S.-Mexican relations! Trump replied: “He is my friend and a wonderful man. I look forward to meeting with the President—will be good + important for both Mexico and the U.S.A.”

The fear is that a private meeting between the two Presidents will strengthen their already-friendly relations, and lay the basis for shared efforts to shift the global paradigm as the global breakdown crisis worsens. To that end, the LaRouche Citizens’ Movement in Mexico has circulated a statement urging Mexican President López Obrador to discuss with President Trump the need for a world summit to address existential crises facing mankind.

López Obrador will lay wreaths at the Lincoln Memorial and the statue of beloved Mexican President (and Lincoln ally) Benito Juárez in the U.S. capital. After that, he will go to the White House, where he and President Trump will first meet privately, followed by a meeting with their advisors, and then a dinner where businessmen from both countries will join them.

One potential British “fly in the ointment” is a push for Mexico to orient its economic development around enticing U.S. investors pulling out of China to relocate to Mexico—a message attached to the blackmail that that can only happen if López Obrador rolls back his steps to restore energy sovereignty and build up the national oil and petrochemical industry. The presidents of the American Petroleum Institute and the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Association wrote separate letters to President Trump in June, demanding he pressure the López Obrador government to stop “changing the rules” for foreign oil, gas, and renewables investments by rebuilding the state oil company, PEMEX.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau told a June 25 conference of Mexico’s Confederation of Industrial Chambers that “a lot of businesspeople around the world are re-evaluating their supply chains and thinking, ‘If we leave China, where do we go?’ ” But if Mexico adopts “disheartening” measures, he stated, he will have to tell U.S. businessmen that this is not “an opportune time” to invest in Mexico.

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