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COVID-19 Hot Spots in Italy, Include Meatpacking Houses, Arrivals from Bangladesh

July 7, 2020 (EIRNS)—There were 68 COVID-19-infected workers who were discovered recently in five meat-processing and slaughterhouses in Mantua, which might be the tip of an alarming situation throughout the meat industry in Italy. As in Germany, the meat sector employs low-paid laborers from non-EU countries, who live in crowded, poor conditions. Authorities have ordered tests in the meat industry for the entire region.

Two other infection hotbeds were discovered in Vicenza, northern Italy, and Rome, both caused by individuals who violated guidelines.

In Vicenza, a businessman traveled to Serbia with three employees and became infected with the virus. He then joined a funeral, a dinner with 100 persons, and after symptoms emerged, he refused to be hospitalized, and refused to provide information for tracing. He is now intubated and under investigation for possible attempted murder.

In Rome, two children tested positive in a summer center, where they participated in a 30-guest dinner. The center has been closed and contacts are being traced.

Also, Italy is currently suffering from imported novel coronavirus cases. The largest case concerns immigrant workers coming back from Bangladesh. Yesterday, 21 passengers arriving in Rome on a flight from Dhakka tested positive. This infection rate came out of 114 test results, while 160 more test results are expected from a total of 274 passengers. Local authorities have asked the government to suspend flights from Bangladesh as “the safety requirements are not being fulfilled.”

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