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Trump: Roger Stone Was Framed

July 10, 2020 (EIRNS)—Yesterday on Howie Carr’s talk radio show, President Trump said that Roger Stone was “framed” and was “treated horribly.” He called Stone a “good person” and “a character.” When told that Stone was praying for a pardon, Trump responded, “[H]is prayer may be answered. Let’s see what happens.”

Also on Thursday, the Department of Justice reversed their earlier stance, that Stone might delay prison until the coronavirus flurry might abate, and told the Appeals Court that they would defer to Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Stone is appealing Jackson’s ruling that he has to begin his prison sentence on July 14, based upon her incorrect assertion that there were no COVID-19 cases in the Jesup, Georgia prison. (At least 13 cases have appeared in the prison, making Jesup the 21st-highest COVID-19 count of the 93 Federal prisons.) Stone texted yesterday that there was no “reasonable explanation” for the reversal in the Justice Department’s position. It is “baffling and indefensible.”

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