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Three Gorges Projects Region Kicks Poverty Out the Door

July 12, 2020 (EIRNS)—China’s Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydropower project, and its construction involved the relocation of over a million people, in a region that had been plagued by poverty and subject to repeated floods. Now, in a historic achievement, all 19 counties and districts in the project’s zone have left poverty behind, thanks to the supportive government policies and local government efforts. The region now supports a population of 30 million.

As reported in Xinhua, many of the former villagers had expressed fear and anxiety about the future as the dam was built and villages were relocated, but as they settled into their new towns and villages, they set up new businesses, including tourism, new navel orange orchards, and construction; one enterprising farmer created a family hostel/tourism business, and now earns about 200,000 yuan annually (about $28,500). A high-speed railway is also under construction, which will connect most of the districts in the region, and shorten the travel time between Beijing and Wushan County to less than five hours. Local governments have also adopted policies to help reduce medical and other expenses.

Dams and other major water projects are also crucial to flood control. Currently, several regions have experienced severe floods, and rivers such as the Yangtze and the Huaihe, and lakes such as the Dongting, Poyang and Taihu have exceeded their warning levels. Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for the country’s flood control, emergency response and water resource authorities to coordinate the deployment of rescue personnel and supplies in a more scientific way, and that great efforts should be made to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

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