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Roger Stone on Hannity: Judge Blocked Binney’s Expert Testimony, There Was No Russian Hack of DNC

July 14, 2020 (EIRNS)—Roger Stone was in fine form last night, in a prime-time interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, in which Stone’s attorney also participated. Asked by Hannity if there had ever been any Russian collusion at all, Stone raised the hot issue which British snake Mike Pompeo has tried to cover-up for two and half years: that former NSA technical director William Binney has proven that the DNC server was never hacked. At President Donald Trump’s urging, then-CIA Director Pompeo met with Binney in October 2016 to hear his evidence, but Pompeo refused to budge from the lying “intelligence community assessment” that Russia had intervened in the U.S. election.

There was no Russian collusion, Stone told Hannity as the interview was concluding on Monday night:

“There was evidence that I had a Twitter direct message exchange with Guccifer 2.0, a persona. But if you look at when that happened, it happened long after WikiLeaks had published all their material.

“And if you look at the actual content of the exchange, it’s benign. There is no collusion. There’s no collaboration.

“And, thirdly, we don’t even know that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian agent. Just because John Brennan says something’s true—he said the Steele dossier was real, too.

“So, just because they assert something doesn’t mean it’s true. I could have proved at trial, using forensic evidence and expert testimony from fellows like Bill Binney, former NSA counterintelligence expert, and [former CIA analyst] Ray McGovern, that no one hacked the DNC, that there was no online hack of the DNC, that the information, based on the download times was downloaded to a portable disk and taken out the back door.

“But I wasn’t allowed to present that defense, because Judge Jackson would not allow it.”

Earlier in the interview, Stone had praised President Trump’s courage in commuting his sentence, in the face of the viciousness of Robert Mueller’s injustice. He summed up the fraud of the case against him:

“I see immediately why 99 percent of the people who choose to plead not guilty and go to trial, lose, when you’re up against the horrific and deep-pocketed resources of the federal government and these really sadistic, arrogant, politically motivated prosecutors. And I had a biased judge. I had a stacked jury. I had a corrupt jury forewoman.”

Those statements were featured by Fox News and some other media in news coverage of the interview, but outside of RealClearPolitics’ publication of the full transcript, no written coverage has yet been found of his statement on the suppressed Binney/McGovern expert testimony—not even by Fox News.

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