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Attorney General Barr Throws In His Hysteria against China

July 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—Attorney General William Barr added his voice to the four-pronged diatribe and war mongering against China organized by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who will soon give his own diatribe on the subject, the fourth after CIA chief Christopher Wray, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, and Barr. The vitriol being unleashed against China by this crew and their Congressional backers (from both parties) is beyond the hysteria of the Red-hunt days of Joseph McCarthy, and is being recognized internationally (not only in China and Russia) as pre-war propaganda, creating an extremely dangerous global environment.

Barr begins by stating unequivocally that the Chinese Communist Party “seeks to leverage the immense power, productivity, and ingenuity of the Chinese people to overthrow the rules-based international system and to make the world safe for dictatorship.” While it is a common phrase by the war party in the West that they are trying to “make the world safe for democracy,” there are few citizens of the world who don’t know that that mentality gave us the genocide and destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria and more under George Bush and Barack Obama. It is equally well known that China imposes no political conditions on their massive infrastructure developments through the Belt and Road Initiative.

Barr refers to this massive infrastructure effort an “economic blitzkrieg,” as if infrastructure development is equivalent to the Nazi blitzkrieg. The Chinese development of the world, providing the infrastructure denied under colonialism and the neo-colonialism of the IMF/World Bank, is declared by Barr to be “an aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government (indeed, whole-of-society) campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower,” adding incredibly that “the P.R.C. seeks not merely to join the ranks of other advanced industrial economies, but to replace them altogether.” “Replace” their leading trading partners? This is madness.

He lectures American businessmen: “The ultimate ambition of China’s rulers isn’t to trade with the United States. It is to raid the United States. If you are an American business leader, appeasing the P.R.C. may bring short-term rewards. But in the end, the P.R.C.’s goal is to replace you.” China, he rants that China wants to destroy the United States: “The CCP has launched an orchestrated campaign, across all of its many tentacles in Chinese government and society, to exploit the openness of our institutions in order to destroy them.”

Americans properly look back on the McCarthy era as a black page in the nation’s history. The danger now is more than a new cold war, it is global war in the age of thermonuclear weapons.

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