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Global Times Editor-in-Chief Wants To Know, ‘Will There Be a War Between China and the U.S.?’

July 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Editor-in-Chief of Global Times, Hu Xijin, posted an editorial today under the title: “Will There Be a War between China and the U.S.?” He reports that he had been asked in an interview if there would be such a war. He makes clear that neither side wants a military conflict, but the danger lies in the fact that, since “the strategic mutual trust between China and the U.S. has almost evaporated and the U.S. has strengthened its military presence in China’s close neighborhood, the risk of accidental military frictions between China and the U.S. has increased compared with the past.” He adds that the lack of trust would make it far more difficult to control such an incident, to prevent a broader war.

Although both sides are “preparing for the worst-case scenario,” there is still “room for both sides to manage risks and avoid a military crisis.”

He refutes the charge coming from the anti-China fanatics (like Pompeo and more recently Attorney General Barr) that China wants to “establish hegemony and replace the U.S.” China, he asserts, “is peace-loving in nature. We will not go further in the Pacific or the Indian Ocean to challenge U.S. interests. China has a profound historical conclusion that a belligerent state will eventually perish. China is a cautious major country.”

Still, he repeats China’s long-held policy that they will not compromise on their “core interests,” but adds that these core interests are “as close as just on its doorstep.” If these core interests are challenged,

“we have nothing to think about except for taking the challenge. China will take the call and will surely defeat the U.S. on our doorstep. When it comes to our ability to mobilize people and resources to safeguard China’s core interests, when it comes to the will to fight to the end, Washington can hardly compare with Beijing, and Washington knows this better than we do.”

Hu concludes: “Even though I don’t know what the lowest ebb in U.S.-China relations might be, I know China has a clear principle that makes hegemons like the U.S. cautious when making moves around China. Of course, I hope that China and the U.S. can manage all accidents well.”

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