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Major Romanian Daily Covers Binney Press Conference Unveiling ‘Russiagate’ Hoax

July 25, 2020 (EIRNS)—The big Romanian daily Romania Libera today gave prominent coverage to William Binney’s statements at the Schiller Institute press conference July 23, under a very large picture of Binney and the headline “Former NSA Director William Binney Reveals His Opinion: There Was No Russian Hacking.”

The writer, Adriana Constantinescu, relied significantly on the Schiller Institute press release before the event for her coverage, but the press conference video is embedded right at the top of the article under the headline, including the phrase, “Neither Flynn nor Stone Were Guilty...” A link in the first sentence of the text—which essentially repeats the headline—also goes to the press conference webpage on the Schiller Institute site.

Constantinescu writes (as translated from the Romanian):

“William Binney, a 30-year veteran of the National Security Agency and its former technical director, accuses the British intelligence agencies and their American counterparts of continually suppressing his evidence that refutes the whole ‘Russiagate’ story. ‘We can prove that all the data published by WikiLeaks from DNC, which were downloaded on May 23 and 25, as well as on August 26, 2016, all carried the signatures to be downloaded from a stick or CD-ROM and physically transported,’ says Binney. ‘So we can prove this in court. In fact, I filed the affidavits I submitted in the case of Roger Stone and also in the case of General [Michael] Flynn. And the judges did not agree to enter my testimony (as evidence).’ ”

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