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Sierra Club Airs Its Dirty Green, Malthusian Laundry

July 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—In what is almost certainly a preemptive move, the environmentalist Sierra Club posted on its website last week, a very self-revealing article entitled “Pulling Down Our Monuments.” The group’s past and present leaders, all leading Malthusians, are desiring to merge the “Green” with the “Black” (as in the Soros-funded BLM )—and decided to put their own dark history out, in a mock effort of “atonement.” And a very long, very dark history it is.

“It’s time to take down some of our own monuments,” writes Executive Director Michael Brune, “starting with some truth-telling about the Sierra Club’s early history.” The primary “monument” (skeleton) they’re worried about is that of their very own founder, John Muir, and his connections to the (very “white,” very “supremacist”) eugenics movement of the late 19th century. Known and “beloved” as a hugger of trees (not by trees, though), Muir was not only personally a racist—telling off-color jokes, embracing “harmful racist stereotypes,” he also “maintained friendships with people like Henry Fairfield Osborn, who worked for both the conservation of nature and the conservation of the white race. Head of the New York Zoological Society and the board of trustees of the American Museum of Natural History, Osborn also helped found the American Eugenics Society in the years after Muir’s death.”

Providing links for proof (and for the startled liberals), Brune goes on: “Other early Sierra Club members and leaders—like Joseph LeConte and David Starr Jordan—were vocal advocates for white supremacy and its pseudo-scientific arm, eugenics. Jordan, for example, served on the board of directors during Muir’s presidency. A ‘kingpin’ of the eugenics movement, he pushed for forced-sterilization laws and programs that deprived tens of thousands of women of their right to bear children—mostly Black, Latin, Indigenous, and poor women, and those living with disabilities and mental illness. He co-founded the Human Betterment Foundation, whose research and model laws were used to create Nazi Germany’s eugenics legislation.”

Not only that, but the Sierra Club itself was designed as a club for privileged white people. “Membership could only be granted through sponsorship from existing members, some of whom screened out any applicants of color,” writes the “woke” white atoner.

Rather than showing how “woke” they have become, what this revelation is designed to do is to grease the wheels for the BLM networks to more clearly embrace Malthusian ideas into their operations. BLM is already hugging the Green New Deal, but some might balk at the extreme depopulation goals as the crisis deepens.

This is a very high-level operation.

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