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Trump, in Texas, Makes Warning To Beware the Democratic ‘New Green Deal Disaster’

July 30, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump campaigned in Texas yesterday, speaking at the Double Eagle Energy Oil Rig, near Midland, holding a roundtable in Odessa to support “energy dominance” in the Permian Basin, and holding a fundraiser.

Ripping into the “New Green Deal Disaster,” he told the oil rig rally that he came to Texas

“to send a message to the radicals.... Under the last administration, America’s energy industry was under relentless and unceasing attack. You know that. But the day I took the Oath of Office, we ended the war on American energy and we stopped the far-left assault on American energy workers.... I withdrew from the one-sided, energy-destroying Paris Climate Accord. It was a disaster. It cost us billions of dollars, and it would have made us a noncompetitive nation....

“If these far-left politicians ever get into power, they will demolish not only your industry, but the entire U.S. economy. Their stated agenda includes rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, spending billions and billions of dollars in order to make us non-competitive and seeking an even higher level of restrictions; mandating net-zero carbon emissions—which, frankly, is impossible—for all new homes, offices, and buildings by 2030. Not possible to do. And if you ever did it, it would cost so much that your home would be valueless.

“This would cause the cost of construction to skyrocket and effectively end the use of natural gas in homes because it would be an impossible situation. They’re asking for things, just so you understand, that are impossible. I don’t know—I haven’t checked recently: What have they done with cows? Remember, there were going to be no more cows and no more cattle. I think they might have left that one off the manifesto, but it’ll be back. Their platform calls for mandating zero-carbon emissions from power plants by 2035. In other words, no drilling, no fracking, no coal, no shale, no gas, no oil.”

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