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Trump in Kenosha Supports Law Enforcement, Aid To Rebuild, No Toleration for Mob Violence

Sept. 2, 2020 (EIRNS)—-During his visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin yesterday, President Donald Trump met with community leaders, business owners, elected officials and law enforcement officers to offer support for victims of last week’s violence, while vowing that perpetrators of mob violence and wanton destruction will be fully prosecuted. During a meeting of the Kenosha Community Safety Roundtable, he announced the government will provide $4 million to businesses destroyed by violence, $1 million to local law enforcement agencies and $42 million for public safety across the state of Wisconsin.

Part of the $42 million to support law enforcement will go to hiring additional prosecutors, Trump explained, “to punish criminals and [offer] resources to provide services to victims of crime.” Kenosha, he said, has been ravaged by “anti-police and anti-American riots. They have been hit so hard, and we were able to get involved.” What Kenosha has had to endure, he said, is “domestic terror.” He praised the National Guard deployment that the governor finally ordered, and predicted that were the Guard deployed to Portland, Oregon, the problem there could be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Attorney General Bill Barr, who was with President Trump, forcefully warned that mob violence in the United States will not be tolerated, reporting that federal law enforcement is reviewing videos from “several cities” and that violent criminals will be arrested as soon as the investigations are complete. “We do not have mob violence in this country make our decisions over the fate of individuals when their actions are challenged,” he warned. He explained that after assembling a group of federal law enforcement to be dispatched to Kenosha, using Chicago as a staging ground, “we were picking up information that these violent instigators were coming to Kenosha. They were coming from California, Washington State, a lot from Chicago, and they were coming up to Kenosha. So we expected matters to get worse.” He emphasized that the operation of task forces and state officials is a “large-scale effort,” that is going to continue until all those who are guilty of violent crimes in these protests are identified and prosecuted.

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