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Russia Warns U.S. Deployment of Land Missiles Would Require ‘Immediate Response’

Aug. 4, 2020 (EIRNS)— In a statement marking the anniversary of the termination of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty by the U.S. one year ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that Russia will respond to any deployment of land missiles, reported TASS yesterday.

The Foreign Ministry situates the danger: “Now, there are no limitations on short- and intermediate- range missiles, whereas the threats for universal security and stability have increased manifold.... The U.S. publicly announced its intention to deploy advanced missiles as soon as possible, primarily in the Asia-Pacific Region. Deployment in Europe has not been ruled out, either,” and then warns:

“Obviously, the deployment of U.S. ground-based short- and intermediate-range missiles in various parts of the world will seriously undermine regional and global security and provoke a new and dangerous round in the arms race. Russia cannot ignore the potential risk of additional missiles adjacent to its territory, which would be of a strategic nature for us. This would require an immediate response regardless of whether these are nuclear or conventional missiles.”

The Foreign Ministry reiterated Russia’s insistence that there is still time for dialogue. “We strongly believe that the only viable step now is a joint search for settling the existing situation through political and diplomatic means. Russia remains open to equitable and constructive approaches to restoring trust and enhancing international security and strategic stability. We hope the U.S. will also display an interest in this responsible approach,” the statement concluded.

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