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John Bolton Warns Against Second Trump Term, Because He Would Seek Peace with Russia and China

Aug. 5, 2020 (EIRNS)—At the Aspen Security Forum 2020 on Aug. 4, former National Security Adviser John Bolton stressed that President Donald Trump would be more unhinged and dangerous—to Bolton and his British Empire controllers—in a second term. Bolton, it will be recalled, was fired by President Trump both for incompetence and his uncontrollable penchant for “starting World War Six.”

Bolton said that in a second term, Trump’s proclivities for working with China, getting peace with North Korea, pulling out of NATO entirely, and so on, could not be so easily countered by those around him, due to his having a freer hand in his second term. In the first term, Trump’s strong actions against Russia were taken “screaming and kicking every step of the way.” Hence, with the freedom of a second term, he won’t properly confront Russia, Bolton insisted, observing that, when he was the National Security Adviser, he had to deal with Trump’s phone calls with Putin: “I considered it a victory when the phone calls were short and the results inconclusive.”

The same concern applies to China. Trump’s “trade deal was close to being an obsession.... Trump didn’t want to hear any bad news about China.... [We now know that China] did engage in a cover-up” on COVID-19. It is his “other senior advisers” who are now pushing him on China, but in a second term, he’d likely revert to pro-China actions. “I don’t have any doubt that they [China] are trying to influence the election ... and political discourse more broadly.... It is an effort that far exceeds what Russia did.” Bolton’s geopolitical insight is that China’s basic approach to the U.S. is similar to Russia’s: “The more disruption ... the more distrust” they can sow, the better. Otherwise, Bolton admitted that he advised foreigners, and anyone else who would listen, to “treat Donald Trump as an anomaly.” The geopolitical order can be restored, Bolton implied, once the anomaly has been dealt with.

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