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China Daily Warns, McCarthyist ‘Wackadoodles’ Around President Trump Have ‘Hijacked the Government’

Aug. 5, 2020 (EIRNS)—There is a cabal in the Oval Office, China Daily editorialized yesterday, that “selfishly holds hostage overall U.S. interests.” The editorial paints a clear picture of the role being played by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, without ever mentioning him by name: “A certain political faction in the U.S., driven by a crude capitalist-Christian ideology that privileges the interests of the conservative elite in the country above all others, has hijacked the executive functions of government.”

In one of their most strident editorials in recent times, China Daily wrote:

“And no longer content with their maximum pressure ploys to coerce China into accepting an unfair trade deal, these neo-crusaders are seeking to provoke an all-out confrontation whereby they can finally hold ‘communist China’ by the throat.... This cabal of wackadoodles has forsaken the most basic sense of propriety in interactions between countries and breached the bottom lines of international relations ... their destructiveness also knows no limits.”

The editorial ended with a warning: “The world should beware of being torn apart by the intrigues of the Oval Office’s McCarthyist living dead.”

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