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Navarro Insists China ‘Poses an Existential Threat’ to the United States

Aug. 12, 2020 (EIRNS)—Peter Navarro, appeared on Aug. 9 Sunday TV talk shows, as did Treasury Secretary Seven Mnuchin and National Economics Council Director Larry Kudlow, to promote President Donald Trump’s new economic relief Executive Orders from Aug. 8. But Navarro, Trade and Manufacturing Policy Director, added a heavy dose of invective against China, despite the upcoming U.S.-China trade talks at the end of this week.

Navarro, speaking on the One America News (OAN) Network’s TV “Weekly Briefing” show, said that, there is “no question, that that country poses an existential threat to us.” He preceded his rant, by a list of charges of wrongdoing. He said that every day, the Chinese hack into the U.S., including into research networks and average citizens. He pointed out that, after all, Chinese-owned TikTok gets your name and password. Navarro pointed out specifically that China has a doctrine, endorsed a while back by Xi Jinping, called “Civil-Military Fusion.” It means that anything that’s done, the CCP is in on it.

In a separate appearance on Fox News’ ”Bill Hemmer Reports,” Navarro insisted that “we know that China, the Chinese Communist Party, infected the United States with that [COVID] virus. Yet, what we now have is a society seemingly divided against each other ... all the anger that is out there about the virus is directed not at the Chinese Communist Party but at each other.” It’s “bizarre,” he complained.

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