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‘Protect the Results’ Coalition Gears Up for Post-Election ‘Color Revolution’

Aug. 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg yesterday (“Trump Might Cheat. Activists Are Getting Ready”) celebrated the preparations for unleashing a “color revolution” in the United States, should President Donald Trump win the elections. Goldberg points to the “pretty massive effort that’s underway” by a coalition calling itself “Protect the Results,” to prepare for “a days-long or weeks-long mobilization” in the streets, if the election doesn’t go the way they want. Goldberg describes it as led by “progressive groups,” with “some anti-authoritarian conservative ones” thrown in.

Key in putting the coalition together was something called “Indivisible,” co-founded by Ezra Levin, with MoveOn (the organization which, as Goldberg herself reported at the time, got its big start with enormous funding from George Soros, the leading moneybags worldwide for dope, euthanasia and “color revolutions”).

Goldberg cites Michael Brendan Dougherty’s warning in the National Review that “some progressives are steeling themselves for a color revolution in the United States.”

“He’s right, but not in the way he thinks,” she demurs. They would prefer a normal election, but a color revolution “must nonetheless be considered.”

Goldberg situates this organizing as a spin-off of the results of the “series of war game exercises on how the 2020 election might go wrong” held this summer by the “Transition Integrity Project ... a bipartisan group of former government officials, political professionals, lawyers and journalists” otherwise reported to have been set up in 2019. The project bears more investigation. Convenors were Georgetown University law professor and former Obama-era Pentagon official Rosa Brooks and Nils Gilman, who promotes himself as “the historian of the intelligentsia,” who have been busy since the late-July release of the final report of their “war games,” promoting its conclusion that post-election violence is most likely, short of the near-impossibility of a landslide victory by Joe Biden.

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