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Hillary Clinton Vows to Atlantic Council, Dems Will Ensure Return to Anglo-American Imperial Policy

Aug. 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—Atlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe chose Hillary Clinton to inaugurate an “Elections 2020: America’s Role in the World” series being sponsored by this British Empire nest. Between them, the two agreed heartily that the Democrats must win the November election, in order to sufficiently lock in confrontational policies with Russia, China and Iran, in particular.

“We’re going to have to quickly move to try and regain leadership and rebuild our alliances and make clear to our competitors and adversaries that ... the vacuum is no more,” said Clinton. First up: to “reaffirm the centrality of the transatlantic alliance,” in order to take on those adversaries better.

Such as dealing with Putin’s “continuing interference” in our election and highlighting of racial strife (so Russia controls the U.S. Establishment media now!). Ensuring “an incredibly important role for NATO” against the “aggressiveness of Russia.”

Likewise, to become “more effective in how we deal with China’s new, more aggressive, ambitious approach” that “we” see under Xi Jinping. Her ignorance on full display, Clinton warned that China was extending “its road-and-belt program,” and increasing its influence across Asia, Africa, even into Europe, and certainly Latin America, and building infrastructure “through a competitive infrastructure bank that it has set up.”

Notably, Clinton singled out the Iran-China economic agreement as one of the most “potentially challenging developments” that must be faced, a point to which Kempe utterly agreed had not received sufficient attention. While she defended the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) negotiated by the Obama Administration, she took personal credit for working to get sanctions imposed against Iran from her days as a Senator at the time of the George W. Bush administration, and then getting the whole world to sanction Iran as Obama’s Secretary of State.

Next week, Kempe provides the forum to Mike Pompeo to argue that he is the best man to sound this same old imperial song that is destroying U.S. standing in the world.

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