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Steve Bannon Indicted: Good News for the Republic

Aug. 20, 2020 (EIRNS)—Steve Bannon was arrested today on a wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy indictment from the Southern District of New York. Despite what will surely be Bannon’s play—that this is an anti-Trump indictment delivered straight from the coven of Trump enemies in the Southern District of New York—the indictment itself makes clear that these are substantial fraud allegations. According to the Wall Street Journal of Aug. 19, Bannon is also under federal investigation concerning a $300 million private offering he engineered with Chinese dissident and fugitive billionaire Guo Wengui, a/k/a Miles Kwok.

No doubt, the struggling Democrats will use this to impugn President Donald Trump’s judgment and claim that he surrounded himself with crooks. This is as much a fraud as the allegations in Bannon’s indictment.

Bannon is a prime suspect as one of the many British intelligence chess pieces foisted early on, on Trump’s campaign to discredit Trump and steer his supporters down a variety of self-defeating and toxic rabbit holes. He is also a key creator of the so-called Alt Right, a British intelligence-inspired movement which takes genuine aspirations to preserve the nation-state and channels them into deviant social movements, including overt racism.

The former strategist has made his fame and fortune by suckering the unsuspecting into believing that he actually supports Donald Trump. He claimed that it was he, not Donald Trump, who created Trump’s 2016 electoral victory. When Trump fired the ego-obsessed former Goldman Sachs partner, Bannon, working with New York gossip novelist Michael Wolff, penned two novellas painting the President as an unhinged criminal.

He told Congressional committees that Donald Trump, Jr. was guilty of the crime of treason and his trial testimony against long-time Trump associate Roger Stone is credited as a significant cause of Stone’s conviction.

Lately, Bannon, ever in pursuit of fame and fortune, has taken up with Chinese billionaire fugitive Guo Wengui in an inflammatory and bellicose campaign against China, reflecting the nonsense coming from Britain’s Henry Jackson Society and the circles of former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove. Dearlove and his protégés Christopher Steele and Sir Andrew Wood, among other British intelligence sponsors, are the actual authors of the coup against the President.

Bannon was on a yacht off the coast of Connecticut when he was arrested. He and Guo are known to hang out on Guo’s yacht, but it is unclear whether this was the yacht where Bannon was arrested.

Guo and Bannon have collaborated through GTV Media on rabidly anti-China films and on campaigns against China which also involve the countergang Falun Gong. GTV Media is the subject of the federal investigation concerning its $300 million private offering outlined by the Wall Street Journal. Bannon has also led the Committee on Present Danger: China, a Beltway assemblage of rabid China hawks unhinged from economic or strategic realities.

The indictment involves a scheme by Bannon and three others to use “GoFundMe” to raise funds for building the southern border wall at the point where Congress and the courts were holding up the project. President Trump publicly opposed the private project at its inception, saying that no private funding should be provided for the wall and that Bannon was “showboating.”

The indictment, quoting directly from exchanged text messages and emails, has Bannon and his co-conspirators promising donors to the project, which raised millions, that not a dime of the money would go to Bannon or his co-defendants. All of the money would go to the private effort to construct the border wall, according to their repeated representations to donors. Instead, Bannon and others diverted millions to personal uses, including $1 million to Bannon personally. They concocted a series of sham invoices and transactions to disguise their diversions of funds.

Once notified of the federal investigation in October 2019, the defendants also altered their website to eliminate their fraudulent promises that they would not personally benefit from the effort, according to the indictment.

Bannon became a luminary in U.S. political circles when he took over as editor of Breitbart News following the untimely death of its founder, Andrew Breitbart. In 2016, Bannon and his Breitbart sponsors, the billionaire family of Robert Mercer, supported Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the presidency.

When Cruz lost the Indiana primary in May, Bannon and his sponsors offered their services to the Trump Campaign.

In 2013, Bannon and the Mercers had founded Cambridge Analytica, a subsidiary of the British military information warfare company, SCL Group. Cambridge Analytica utilized so-called psychographs, derived from voters’ social media behaviors, to target political ads in campaigns. Its tactics exploded in controversy as its so-called work in both the Brexit campaign and the Trump Campaign led to charges of vote manipulation and fed ugly efforts by NATO and British intelligence to discredit both campaigns.

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