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Oliver Stone Rips U.S. Intelligence Community Attacks on Trump, Russia and China

Aug. 22, 2020 (EIRNS)—Filmmaker Oliver Stone, who has interviewed Vladimir Putin several times between 2015-17, appeared on Bill Maher HBO interview show, very popular among liberals, on Friday night, Aug. 21. Stone tore into the U.S. intelligence community when Maher tried to confront Stone on intelligence reports on Russia interfering in the 2016 election. In the process he also nailed Maher for what he is.

“You can’t really think that a Russian President—the one that’s in there now—should be able to ratf—k our elections like this, can you?” Maher asked Stone.

Stone responded: “Oh Bill, I’ve known you too long, and I think you’re sophisticated enough to know that you have to question everything that comes out of our intelligence agencies. If you haven’t learned that by now, you have a long way to go still.”

“So they’re lying?” Maher asked.

“Intelligence agencies are not reliable. They’ve been screwing with America going back to the Vietnam War, going back to the Iraq wars, the Afghanistan wars,” Stone replied.

“It’s very hard to find out the truth from them. Everything they publish, the rumors, the anonymous sources, the think tanks, the anti-Russia ... it all adds up into this ball of wax that becomes enormous. And then they have people like you, who are skeptical generally, believing it. I would really triple-check everything, every one of those sources.

“We’re at a moment in time where anything, anything about China or Russia is being broadcast loudly to the American people. We have a very effective Western media that does this all the time. You have to go back—and you have been skeptical in the past: Why do we need enemies? Why do we need these enemies? Why do we want to make this into an issue? Why?”

On Trump, Stone said he would not vote for him, that he is a “sad figure.” But, he added:

“To make our foreign policy dependent on attacking Trump, to get rid of Trump and creating a Cold War environment with China and with Russia and with other countries is crazy and this stigmatization is not a policy. So they’re looking for everything possible to build up this Russia, James Bond ‘Dr. No’ scenario. You think the Russians—do you think they sit around and think about America all the time? They don’t care. They’ve got their own problems and they have a country that is vibrant, and they want to make it work. They have a lot of issues like we do. They’re not thinking about our election as you think they are.”

Driving the knife in, Stone continued: “Keep in mind, Bill, and you know damn well how many elections have we interfered with and how many countries in the world we interfered with—with money and all kinds of dirty tricks. It’s a double standard here.”

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