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EIR To Publish Compelling Portrait of British Empire Agent, Mike Pompeo

Aug. 23, 2020 (EIRNS)—Renée Sigerson has written a compelling article for EIR. The opening follows:

The sharply escalating pattern of usurpation of Presidential authority by Anglo-Dutch political pawn Mike Pompeo requires urgent and uncompromising action. President Donald Trump must break out and draw upon his well-known ability to assert: “You’re fired,” quickly tossing Pompeo out of the cubby hole from which London’s intelligence apparatus guides the presumptive Secretary’s anti-China/anti-Russia provocations and war-game designs. As Trump knows, Pompeo never supported him during the election campaign, and he owes Pompeo nothing. Infamously, Pompeo denounced Trump during a 2016 Marco Rubio election rally in Kansas, siding with the craziest Democrats, and charging that Trump would be “an authoritarian President who ignored our Constitution.”

Today, it is Pompeo, a distilled by-product of international globalists’ poisonous, decades-long subversion of the U.S. political process, who is daily usurping Presidential authority and “ignoring our Constitution.”

Beginning late summer 2019, and far more dangerously since January 2020, Pompeo shifted from being a manipulator who would verbally agree with Trump’s policies but then slip around to make sure Trump’s initiatives fizzled. It was soon after Trump fired National Security Adviser John Bolton that Pompeo began, step by step, to continue Bolton’s London-sponsored skullduggery. Donning the cloak of self-righteous, even “religious” warrior, driven by the identical objectives of constant showdown with Russia, China and Iran that controlled the Bush and Obama years, Pompeo went “hyper,” promoting precisely the agenda Donald Trump rightly campaigned against for leading to “ridiculous endless wars.” That Pompeo played this “chameleon” role of pretending to be with Trump, while being positioned by outsiders to become the potential primary cause of a Trump downfall, reflected a game plan shaped by what can be identified as an underlying moral insanity that controls Pompeo’s behavior. The character of that deep moral insanity, which causes him (reminiscent of British stooge Barack Obama) to never care about the consequences of his actions and words, was publicly boasted by Pompeo himself in April 2019, one year after moving from his position as head of the CIA to Secretary of State.

Speaking before a packed auditorium at Texas A&M University, which howled cheers and laughter as he spoke, Pompeo described how it felt to be serving in a high-level cabinet post. Giggling uncontrollably in step with audience roars of approval and applause, Pompeo confessed:

“It’s a tough world out there.... In terms of how you think about problem sets: When I was a cadet, what’s the cadet motto at West Point: ‘You will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.’ I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stealed (sic), we stole.... We had entire training courses....”

He thereby admitted, as the trained pet of the Anglo-Dutch/Anglo-American financially based oligarchy, that the foremost personality trait that qualifies a controlled asset for admission to the globalists’ inner sanctum of employment, is your readiness to view life as a game, in which no values or principles are permitted to be cherished as sacred!

Thus, it should be no surprise that it was then CIA Director Mike Pompeo who in 2017 crushed the possibility of closing down “Russiagate”—the invented scandal claiming Trump was a puppet of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. In November, there was a potential to put an end to this hoax. William Binney, former Technical Director of the National Security Agency, had issued a forensic analysis of the DNC server files reposted by WikiLeaks, as well as those published by “Guccifer 2.0” showing they could not have been hacked by Russia. Donald Trump directed Pompeo to meet with Binney, and get the real story. They met for one hour at CIA headquarters.

Pompeo heard what Binney had to say, and never acted on it. Had Binney’s conclusions been investigated and followed up by Congressional testimony and other avenues he proposed, the Russiagate conspiracy theory could have been shut down, Trump Derangement Syndrome could have been subdued, and our institutions of government would have been forced to pay attention to the true crises facing our nation and the world.

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