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Unhinged, Nancy Pelosi Dubs the President and Republican Party ‘Enemies of the State’

Aug. 25, 2020 (EIRNS)—Appearing even more unhinged than she usually is, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a spectacle of herself yesterday, telling MSNBC that President Donald Trump and the Republican Party were “enemies of the state ... domestic enemies” who are seeking to “scare people from voting to intimidate them by saying he’s going to have law enforcement people at the polls, to welcome Russian intervention into our election by letting Putin decide who will be president instead of the American people.” These “enemies of the state” she warned ominously “live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and in the United States Congress.”

But, she sputtered in her self-righteous indignation, just “ignore him, because his purpose is to diminish the vote, to suppress the vote.” In his remarks to the Republican National Convention yesterday, Trump again warned of efforts to “rig the election” and defraud the American people, through mail-in voting.

The Speaker’s war cries followed yesterday’s grilling of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy before the House Oversight Committee, which as Byron York in the Washington Examiner put it “achieved seldom-reached heights of ugliness.” Frenzied Democrats implied that DeJoy was guilty of making illegal campaign contributions to Trump’s campaigns, suggested he had committed a felony by “slowing down the mail,” and excoriated him for not knowing the cost of sending a postcard by mail and not being able to recite verbatim the Post Office’s famous slogan, (“neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night....”). They were equally enraged when he wouldn’t admit to the “crimes” of removing blue collection boxes and mail processing machines and denied ordering a cutback of hours “at any of our post offices.” He did say, however, that he suspended these practices “to remove any misperceptions about our commitment to delivering this nation’s election mail.”

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