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Jacobin Mobs Attack Senator and Mrs. Rand Paul Outside the White House after GOP Convention

Aug. 29, 2020 (EIRNS)—Sen. Rand Paul and his wife Kelley Paul each wrote letters documenting the attack they were subjected to by a wild mob as they left the White House after the Republican National Convention. Others were also attacked in separate incidents, but the Paul case may have been the most dangerous—and was certainly the most politically targeted.

“The mob swarmed me and my husband, Sen. Rand Paul, in a tight circle, screaming expletives, threats, and shouting,” Kelley Paul wrote.

“We rushed up to two police officers, and I believe that is the only thing that kept us from being knocked to the ground.... Mobs are terrifying. They looked at us with no humanity—just a vicious and righteous zeal. After that, I just kept my eyes down and prayed. All I could think of was the driver who was pulled from his car, viciously kicked in the head and left lying in his own blood in Portland, Oregon, last week.

“The mob screaming in our faces seemed ignorant of the fact that Rand had authored the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, calling for a ban on no-knock raids. Either that or they just didn’t care because their hatred of President Trump makes them feel righteous and justified as they terrorize people and burn cities.”

Sen. Rand Paul wrote that

“Protest marches long ago were hijacked into lawless and violent destructive anarchy.” He went on to denounce those responsible by name: “[D.C.] Mayor Bowser and many others are responsible for what happened. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called my Senate colleagues and me ‘enemies of the state.’ Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris has advocated paying bail to get violent rioters out of jail.”

He also made it clear that they were deliberately targeted: “The crowd multiplied fast. One of them yelled: ‘We’ve got Rand Paul trapped!’ ” Recall that Paul has also been the target of physical attacks and death threats in the past. His good speech at the Convention attacking the policy of permanent wars is a reminder as to why.

Senator Paul ended with pointed questions:

“My question is: Who are these people? Who paid for their hotel rooms? Who flew them in? Law enforcement needs to look at the funding of violent criminal activity like this.... So I ask Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris this: Will you stand up finally and denounce this violence and destruction? Will you quit inciting it and urge other leaders to do the same? My wife and I await your answers.”

In a campaign rally in Londonderry, New Hampshire on Aug. 28, President Donald Trump commented on the mobs that assaulted Sen. Rand Paul and others after the Convention. “They walked out to a bunch of thugs.... Unhinged, manic rage.... They’re just looking for trouble. Has nothing to do with George Floyd. Has nothing to do with anything. They don’t even know who George Floyd is. The agitators will go from rioting in the streets to running the halls of government.”

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