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U.S. Hunger Growing Towards 50 Million, as White House Extends Free School Lunches through 2020

Sept. 1, 2020 (EIRNS)—Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced yesterday that the federally-supported free school lunch program, continued over the summer, will be extended through the end of the year. Moreover, the terms have been opened to local discretion on the time of day for the free meal, and the qualifications. Perdue made his announcement on a visit to an elementary school in Houston, Texas.

Hunger is growing in the U.S. Estimates vary, but before the pandemic, some 17 million Americans were dependent on food donations. A bigger number, totalling 37.2 million Americans (including 11 million children) were considered food “insecure,” defined as lacking sufficient food on a regular basis, before the pandemic. This number could now rise to as high as 54 million in the coming months, estimates Feeding America, the largest U.S. food charity. Centered in Chicago, Feeding America operates 200 wholesale centers, providing food to some 60,000 local outlets, food pantries, meal programs, etc. Feeding America did a survey jointly with the Patch local media network. Results were published Aug. 30 on Patch, “Millions Made Hungry By Pandemic Could Include Your Neighbor.”

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