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Author of the Latest Get-Trump Fake ‘Bombshell’ Was a Top Iraq War Liar

Sept. 6, 2020 (EIRNS)—The latest anti-Trump propaganda hyperventilated by the media and the Biden campaign is the claim in The Atlantic that the President made disrespectful remarks about World War II dead while in France for the 75th anniversary for the end of World War II. The “sources” of the story are, as always, unnamed, while those who were with Trump and call the story a lie, include his bitter enemy John Bolton. But the author of The Atlantic story is the proof it’s fake, as Glenn Greenwald detailed in The Intercept on Sept. 4. The culprit-author is Jeffrey Goldberg who in 2002-03, Greenwald recalls, was the number-one media spreader of the lie that Saddam Hussein worked with al-Qaeda.

Greenwald cites a Twitter message quoting from the March 24, 2002 broadcast of “Meet the Press”:

Tim Russert: “There’s an article in the New Yorker magazine by Jeffrey Goldberg which connects Iraq and Saddam Hussein with al-Qaeda. What can you tell me about it?”

Vice President Dick Cheney: “I’ve read the article. It’s a devastating article, I thought.”

Convincing at least some of the American public that Saddam Hussein was somehow connected to the 9/11 attacks, was the crucial lie in preparing them to tolerate Cheney’s and Bush’s war on Iraq.

In his own Sept. 4, 2020 tweet, Greenwald says:

“@JeffreyGoldberg is one of the planet’s most unreliable reporters, having played the leading role—when agitating for invading Iraq—in convincing Americans that Saddam was allied with al-Qaeda & radical muslims had invaded the U.S. and South America.... Jeffrey Goldberg was the reporter most responsible for this lie.”

Greenwald, like Matt Taibbi in this respect, is definitely no Trump supporter, but is able to convey what shameless, willful liars the U.S. national media (and those of some other countries) have become in their fury to overthrow President Donald Trump. The rest of his story is interesting on that subject.

Former Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter, a former Marine for whom, Belleau Wood—the French battleground where the Germans took a hard-fought stand in 1918—is sacred ground, also emphasized yesterday in a Facebook posting that we have been burned by Jeffrey Goldberg before.

“His pre-war reporting on Iraq and WMD/Saddam connections to al-Qaeda stands out as a prime example of bad journalism, right up there with Judith Miller and the New York Times,” he writes. “If that sad time in American journalistic history taught us anything, it is that unnamed sourcing of salacious allegations cannot be tolerated. And yet that is exactly what Goldberg gives us in his article.”

Neither author sees how Goldberg’s “scandal” continues to prepare a coup d’état, including a possible military coup, against the U.S. Constitution and the institution of the Presidency, joining the Democratic Party and its financial controllers and mass media, the military-industrial complex and British intelligence.

On Aug. 11, website Defense One published the open letter to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley from former colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling arguing for the Armed Forces to forcibly remove President Donald Trump from the White House if he refuses to leave the White House on January 20, 2021, should he lose the November election. At the Schiller Institute conference on Sept. 5, retired U.S. Army Col. Richard Black, former head of the Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon, after explaining that for an active-duty or retired officer to express contemptuous words against the President violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Black stressed, “Taken together, the coordinated release of scathing remarks by senior officials, coupled with publication of a letter advocating a military coup, suggests a deep sickness within the Pentagon and within our constitutional structure.” The former colonel reiterated his concern about the threat of a military coup, multiple times on the weekend.

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